Indie Fiesta
Based in Manila, Philippines

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October 2018


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A curated showcase of rising talents and established Philippine game developers during one of the largest game conventions in Southeast Asia, ESGS.


Before the Fiesta

Indie Arena started as an event feature for ESports and Gaming Summit in 2015. Joebert Yu contacted Gwen Foster and Joshua Bautista to curate 20 games. For the next three years, Indie Arena became a platform for independent studios to showcase their games. Indie Arena alumnis have seen great success, namely Most Played Games' Flippy Bottle Extreme, Yangyang Mobile's The Letter, Chryse's Shots Fired to name a few. At this time, there were collaborations and efforts to bring indie game developers oversees such as the Games and Politics Game Jam which was supported by Goethe Institut Philippines — the team behind the game, Diaspora, made in under 20 hours, received support to attend GamesCom Koln.

Changing Perspective

Most students go into a game development course with their love of gaming but realize how much work gets poured into each game. The few who survive get the shot to develop games and take risks while still in school. But one thing very few schools allow is the experience of shipping games. What started out as 20 local game developers has now grown into more than 60 independent game developers across platforms. Slowly but surely, Indie Fiesta is building better relationships within the game industry, encouraging gamers to become game developers. As with all event features and spaces in ESGS, the goal of Indie Fiesta is to strengthen and foster a community where developers and gamers alike can find games that they would want to play, even if they have to build it themselves.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Gwendelyn Foster awarded with Community Contributor during the 10th Year Celebration of Game Design and Development Education" - De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, September 2019
  • "Francis Roque, awarded with Community Contributor during the 10th Year Celebration of Game Design and Development Education" - De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, September 2019

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